About Us

DiVino is European wine without the guesswork.

Get Italian, French and Spanish wine, tailored to your taste, delivered to your door.

Gerardo and Joanne are the team behind DiVino.  We are here to open up your mind to the world of wine... because life is too short for anything less than "wow, this is delicious".

Gerardo is Italian with a passion for wine, and his family has been making wine for over 100 years.

Joanne is an Aussie with 20 years marketing, operations and customer service experience.

We want to free you from pre-conceived notions of grape varieties and wine regions and give you wines that will knock your socks off in flavour, carefully crafted to your personal tastes, yet versatile enough for your everyday life.

Wine shouldn't be about brand names and big production, but about discovering what you like, plus wine choices that take care of this planet.

We can't wait for you to start your wine journey with us!