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Marco de Bartoli Lucido Catarratto 2022

Marco de Bartoli Lucido Catarratto 2022

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Marco di Bartoli, renowned as one of the finest wine estates in Italy, has left an indelible mark on the world of Sicilian winemaking. While we mourn the loss of Marco, a remarkable individual who contributed immensely to Marsala production, his son Renato has stepped into his father’s shoes, carrying on the family legacy with remarkable finesse. Under Renato’s guidance, the winery’s portfolio has expanded, and the exploration of old local vines has been passionately pursued.

One such exquisite creation is Lucido, a white wine crafted exclusively from 100% Catarratto grapes, specifically the clone known as Catarratto bianco lucido. This particular clone exhibits a fresher and more delicate profile compared to the common variety, showcasing the grape’s true potential.

The wine’s name, “lucido” or “extra-lucido” (shining), pays homage to its polished appearance. The skins of the grapes lack the usual pruina, the whitish coating that imparts a velvety touch and alters the cluster’s visual appeal. This unique characteristic adds to the wine’s allure and sets it apart as a true gem of Sicilian viticulture.

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